Skills for Accounting Research Solutions, 5e

FASB Codification & IFRS

by Collins

ISBN: 0000000000 | Copyright 2024

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Chapter 1 (pg. 1-1)
Review Questions (pg. 1-1)
Exercises (pg. 1-5)
Case Study Questions (pg. 1-10)
Untitled (pg. 1-14)
Chapter 2 (pg. 2-1)
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Chapter 3 (pg. 3-1)
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Chapter 4 (pg. 4-1)
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Chapter 5 (pg. 5-1)
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Chapter 6 (pg. 6-1)
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Case Study 6.4 Solution (pg. 6-27)
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Chapter 7 (pg. 7-1)
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Case Study 7.3 Solution (pg. 7-22)
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Chapter 8 (pg. 8-1)
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Case Study 8.2 and 8.2a Solution (pg. 8-17)
Case Study 8.3 Solution (pg. 8-19)
Chapter 9 (pg. 9-1)
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Exercises (pg. 9-5)
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Chapter 10 (pg. 10-1)
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Chapter 10 Appendix (pg. 10A-1)
Chapter 11 (pg. 11-6)
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Chapter 12 (pg. 12-1)
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Chapter 12 Appendix (pg. 12A-1)
Chapter 13 (pg. 13-1)
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Chapter 14 (pg. 14-1)
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Exercises (pg. 14-4)
Case Study Questions (pg. 14-6)
Now You Try Solutions (pg. 1-14)
Shelby Collins

Shelby Collins

Shelby Collins loves accounting research. In her current consulting position, Shelby assists companies with a broad range of technical accounting matters, including implementation of the new GAAP and IFRS lease accounting standards. These current experiences continue to bring a fresh and relevant perspective to this text.

Prior to this position, Shelby taught the accounting research course at the University at Buffalo for seven years. Her career has been dedicated entirely to the field of accounting research: first at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) as a postgraduate technical assistant, then in KPMG's Accounting Advisory Services group, and then in the accounting policy and research group at Exelon Corporation in Chicago.

Shelby has seen firsthand the doors that can open for professionals who excel in research and communication. It's her hope that this book, and the exercises herein, will prepare students to shine when they encounter accounting research opportunities as professionals.